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Network with us!

Raleigh Business & Sales Pros

Tuesday, October 22, 2019 | 6-8 pm | Yard House

Grab your business cards, an associate, & join us to met other professionals in a casual, stress free setting.

This month, Non Stop Customers will be co-hosting our event.

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Coaching; identifying & overcoming obstacles

As a leader, focus on the highest impact role of your job; coaching.

Susan Sykes discussions why an effective leader must determine the personal performance code of each of their team members. Coaching is about identifying self-limiting beliefs, building trust, and creating lasting behavioral change. It creates wisdom and self-sufficiency.

Business owners & Leaders!

What stands between your company and organizational excellence?

Blind spots are common management issues that can derail or even kill a business. 

Take the 14 question Blind Spots Survey and begin your journey of self discovery.