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Excellence is a direction, not a destination.

Are you running your business or is it running you?

Leadership for Organizational Excellence; Empowering leaders & business owners to build a bulletproof business

Virtual Round Table; Addressing Today's Business Environment

Watch the Recording!

Susan Sykes along with special guest, Dave Mattson,  tackle 5 of the top questions of business leaders today.

  • What's your action plan for closing business?
  • How are you keeping your remote team accountable?

Dave shares how he leads Sandler based on the 6 P's method. Listen up! You'll find a nugget that you can apply.

Tips for managing remote workers

As many of us prepare to transition from working in the office environment to working from home, there's a lot of anxiety about how do I retain my great employees and maintain that positive productive working environment that I've worked so hard to build. Susan shares 3 tips for managers to be effective with a remote workforce.,

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while instructor-led sessions support, reinforce, and refine your new skills.

Why People Leave Jobs in a Strong Economy

► The number one reason people leave jobs in a strong economy is they’re bored.

► The number two reason is the culture doesn’t fit their values.

Both reasons are directly connected to the manager. So, what can you do differently?

Listen as Susan addresses how managers can reassess how they coach and challenge individuals that best suits they skills and goals.

Excerpt from the 2019 Sandler Summit, Leadership Track

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Request your invitation to experience a Sandler class. Discover the 7-step sales process that transforms individuals and teams from mediocre to high performers.

Why Salespeople Fail ...

... and What You Can Do About It

Why are some salespeople rock stars and others struggle?

This e-book provides a no-nonsense approach to selling that places the salesperson firmly in control.