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13 Blind Spots & the 6 Leadership Strategies to Overcome Them

Raleigh Business Forum - Aug. 27, 2019 | 9:00-12:30

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Always look towards improving your organization.

Register before Aug. 20 for $75 per person. Includes: lunch, materials, and the book The Road to Excellence by David Mattson

Create a culture where excellence is the way of life.

Where do you consider your organization?

AT-RISK – The leader makes most or all of the decisions, spending roughly 90% of their time in the business. Their cash flow isn’t healthy and if the leader wasn’t present for a quarter, the business would be in jeopardy.

AVERAGE – The business is run in a reactive manner. The leader spends 30-50% of their time in the business as a doer. Cash flow is average.

WELL-MANAGED – Respected in their industry, and likely in the top 25% of the businesses measured in terms of professional leadership, these organizations are still vulnerable. The company has not created a leadership culture where organizational excellence is second nature.

EXCELLENT – Professional leadership is a daily reality, exemplified by a disciplined, continuous, and repeatable process that propels the business into the upper 5% of organizations. These companies are always improving their present situation – and always looking forward. Excellence is a way of life.

13 blind spots that get in the way of Building a Bulletproof Business &the antidote to them.