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Helping Those Who Help Others

A Scholarship Offering for Raleigh Area Nonprofits
Submit your application by December, 30, 2016

Is Your Nonprofit ...

  • Having difficulty recruiting donors / volunteers?
  • Frustrated by not being able to serve your target?
  • Wanting better relationships with the proper people?
  • Losing sleep over budget shortfalls?
  • Struggling with poor communication?
  • Working too hard / too many hours?
  • Needing more complex & high dollar donations?
  • Worried about ineffective networking time?
  • Anxious about poor hiring decisions?
  • Plagued with lack of teamwork?

Sandler Training in Raleigh May be Able to Help!

Sandler Training in Raleigh is offering one scholarship for the 2017 year to a nonprofit organization in the Raleigh metro area. This scholarship will include one full-year in the Strategic Management Solutions Program which includes the Sandler Sales Mastery, Advanced Communication Dynamics, Referral Growth Boot Camp, as well as several other Growth Workshops.

This is over 200 hours of live professional development training, as well as access to thousands of hours of audio and video training. Over a $35,000 value!

Unfortunately, we can't provide free training for everyone, so we need you to tell us why your organization needs this training.


How a Scholarship Helped One Nonprofit

“Lessons learned through our participation in Sandler has allowed us to grow our business in ways we never imagined. The behavior and attitude shifts we have implemented have had a positive effect on how we approach and engage new members, volunteers, parents and donors.”

Shannon Evers, Girl Scouts Western Oklahoma, CEO