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Reaching your potential means doing things differently.

Sandler Foundations Sales Training

Do your prospects...

  • Stall with excuses?
  • Quibble over price?
  • Back away when it comes time for commitment?
  • Tell you they have to think-it-over?
  • Pick your brain for ideas, and then give business to someone else?

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You will learn how to ...

  • Establish rapport with prospects.
  • Set an agenda for a sales call.
  • Effectively ask the questions to qualify a prospect quickly or disqualify & move on.
  • Quickly uncover the prospect’s need, budget, & decision-making process.
  • Make effective presentations.
  • Improve your attitude, behavior, & technique.
  • Create an effective prospecting plan.
  • Shorten sales cycle & increase your close rate.


Build on Your New Sales Skills!

Sales Enablement Program

A monthly virtual class that combines instruction with practical application. Continued reinforcement empowers you to effectively use your new Sandler sales process!

3 Month Sales Enablement Enrollment ► ONLY $750
Sold in conjunction with a training class only.