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13 Blind Spots that prevent organizational excellence and their antidotes

Sandler Training by Sales Matters is hosting a business forum addressing the issues, challenges, and blind spots that prevents a company from reaching organizational excellence. Business owners and leaders will discuss the 13 primary blind spots that creates under performance and how to overcome them. The Building a Bulletproof Business forum is scheduled Tuesday, August 27 from 9:00-12:30.

“As business owners and leaders, it’s essential we find time to work ‘on the business’ and not just ‘in the business,’ comments Susan Sykes, president of Sales Matters. “This means creating a cohesive company culture where team members are committed to your organizational vision, goals and accountability.”

Businesses are classified into four categories:

1. At-Risk - Business revolves around the leader and without them, the business may suffer greatly.
2. Average - Businesses that are doing well enough to reasonably satisfy the owners and management but are vulnerable to regressing back to the at-risk level.
3. Well-Managed - Businesses that are vulnerable because they have not reached a management culture where organizational excellence is second nature.
4. Excellent - Organizations that are always improving their present situation; always looking forward. Excellence is a way of life.

The forum objective is to help business leaders recognize disruptive blind spots, create strategies to overcome them, and drive measurable results to move from At-Risk to Excellent.

For more Building a Bulletproof Business Forum information, click HERE.


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