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Client Spotlights

Sandler Training helped these professionals to close more business!

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Sandler Training by Sales Matters, Inc congratulates it’s “2017 Overachiever” award winners. To qualify for this top honor, winners much exceed their annual goals at least 30 days PRIOR to the end of the calendar year.

Larz Soper, Tommy Houston, Paulo Simoes, John Pulleyn, Jeff Woody, Andrew Quebbeman, & Dewayne Sykes

2017 Overachiever Award Winner

Achieved My 2017 Sales Goals Two-Months Early!

“I personally made the financial investment to attend Sandler training,” Larz says. “I have repaid myself seven times over with my sales accomplishments. I attribute my success to asking questions, applying DISC styles, and knowing it’s OK to disqualify and move on.”

Larz Soper
Vice President, ARI Global, Inc. 

2017 Overachiever Award Winner

Exceeded My 2017 Projected Sales Goal

“Change is good!”

Tommy Houston
Sales Representative, Snider Fleet Solutions

2017 Overachiever Award Winner

Achieved Revenue Goals with Efficient Prospecting


Paulo Simoes
President & Founder, Brios Media Group

2017 Overachiever Award Winner

Best Year Ever!

“Susan & Joe taught me how to improve my BATing average & changed my thinking which helped me regain control of my company and our growth!”

John Pulleyn
Financial Advisor, Freedom Wealth Management

2017 Overachiever Award Winner

Substantially Exceeded My 2017 Sales Goal

“Sandler has helped me weed out the tire kickers and get to the decision maker. Using the UFC (Up-front Contract) has kept me on track with the customers which in turn, make them happy to do business with me.”

Jeff Woody
Petroleum Sales, SPATCO Energy Solutions

2017 Overachiever Award Winner

Exceeded budget for the year!

Awarded the first Design-Build contract for KCI of NC.

Dewayne Sykes
Roadway Practice Leader, KCI Associates of NC

2017 Sandler Achiever

Hit My Sales Goal!

“It’s given me the tools and behavior training to turn the sales process upside down to achieve my sales quota with less wasted time.”

Andrew Quebbeman
Account Manager, NNE Pharmaplan

2017 Sandler Achiever

"Helped me develop the skills I have & to communicate effectively."

Alex Kern
Producer, Insurance

2017 Sandler Achiever

“Learn to listen / Not talk so much
Stay on point”

Marty Thomas
Sales Representative, Petroleum Equipment

2017 Sandler Achiever

“Gave me confidence dealing with clients.”

Lisa Celedonia
Client Relationship Manager, Market Research

2018 Sandler Achiever

“Stay focused & organized with a repeatable process.”

Jim Baudreau
Owner / Advisor, Investments & Insurance

2017 Sandler Achiever

“Improved Sales Strategy with DISC.”

Dorian Dimitrov
Senior Account Executive, Trade Show Industry

2017 Sandler Achiever

“Sandler has given me structure and process in working with clients, on a daily basis.”

Patricia Lister
Sr. Client Relationship Manager, Market Research

2017 Sandler Achiever

"Stress Free!"

Joseph Fuller
Owner, All About People