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What business challenges are you facing?

• Engage in too much ‘unpaid consulting’
• Proposals are shopped around
• Hear too many “think it overs”
• Not enough proactive prospecting/new business
• Sales cycles are too long
• Closing percentages are too small
• Discounting to win business
• Can't reach decision makers
• Inconsistent quota-achievement
• Unproductive sales meetings / no accountability

Reasons to Attend a Sandler Class

♦ Improve your current processes and begin developing prospecting and coaching habits that work.

♦ Go “beyond the book” with an interactive, in-person approach to Sandler Training.

♦  Discover a workable, ground-level solution that fits your selling or coaching style.

♦ Successful sales, leadership & support systems

Proven Principles, Strategies, & Methods

How to ask the right questions, the right way, at the right time, for the right reasons.

How to qualify buyer interest to ensure your valuable prospecting time is well spent.

How to influence and move conversations forward towards a mutually beneficial results.

By harnessing proven principles, strategies, and methods from Sandler Training.


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A Proven Approach to Skills Development

Why Sales Training Doesn’t Work

Sometimes people say sales training does not work, and they are right!

Susan Sykes explains that effective sales training is a skill that requires development. Behavior change occurs through on-going reinforcement. Successful salespeople are willing to challenge their comfort zones, learn new skills, and take action to apply those skills.