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Coaching to Maximize Team Performance

Based on Sandler's breakthrough bestseller, The Sales Coach's Playbook

Unlock the performance code of your team

Learn Sandler's processes for coaching as an ongoing development system with your team. Sandler's coaching programs teach managers and other company leadership how to develop a coach's mindset, resulting in increased understanding of individual motivations, and maximizing individual and group performance.

Coaching; identifying & overcoming obstacles

As a leader, focus on the highest impact role of your job; coaching.

Susan Sykes shares why an effective leader must determine the personal performance code of each of their team members. Coaching is about identifying self-limiting beliefs, building trust, and creating lasting behavioral change. It creates wisdom and self-sufficiency.

Organizations underestimate the importance of coaching

They misunderstand the definition of coaching, and coach inconsistently or not at all. As a result, the leader's skillset is unbalanced... and the five challenges of management are more likely to become embedded in daily working operations. This leads to stress, burnout, and less-than-optimal income numbers.

Learn how to identify and unlock the performance code of each individual on your team, and maximize their performance.

Clients who have worked with us to strengthen the "coaching muscle" of their leaders report:

  • Lower turnover among the team members they most want to retain
  • Improved performance on both the individual and team levels
  • More time freed up for the manager, because team members are better at solving their own problems
  • Better communication with team members, resulting in sustainable behavioral change
  • Less "learned helplessness" on the team that requires managerial intervention in the process

The Five Challenges of Management

  • Having the same conversations over and over again without any uptick in results?
  • Consistently lackluster performance from under-motivated teams?
  • Spending too much of your own time and energy fixing problems for your team?
  • Feeling spread too thin because one or more team members is helpless and constantly looking to you for help?
  • The financial and organizational expense of losing a promising team member after you've invested money, time, and attention in hiring and on-boarding?

Successful managers do more than "delegate" tasks. They meet revenue goals through planned coaching, mentoring, and motivation. In order to be effective and proficient in coaching, it takes planning, commitment, discipline and patience.

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5 Ways to Improve Revenue with Sandler’s Step by Step Coaching Model

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The Sales Coach's Playbook

A recent study found that few sales managers spend time coaching, and when they do it's generally ineffective, failing to get desired results. The Sales Coach's Playbook: Breaking the Performance Code, by Sandler trainer Bill Bartlett, answers the question of 'Why?' and offers a specific, actionable plan based upon the award-winning Sandler Selling System.

Get the tools to help you lead a high-performing team and become a better coach.