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The Sandler Research Center

Capturing opinions and perceptions regarding today’s most impactful selling issues

Collecting Best Practices • Solving Sales Challenges
• Providing Critical Insights

Sandler has partnered with Top Sales World to deliver tangible value & make a difference in the world of sales. The synergy of these two organizations will provide critical insight & direction to organizations across the globe. The results will provide a snapshot of best practices shared by the most successful organizations.

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  • The Critical Elements of Proactive Client Retention

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  • The Hunt for New Clients

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  • The Client Experience

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  • The Essential Components for Sustaining Overachieving Sales Performance

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Research Authority

Our collective reach can solicit feedback from tens of thousands of salespeople and leaders around the world to get boots-on-the-ground insights.

Global Reach

Together our collective networks span the globe in dozens of countries, every industry, every market, and every organization size and shape.

Tangible Value

With Sandler’s global though-leadership and Top Sales World’s top-notch research combined with your ability to act on these insights, we can change the landscape of sales.

[NEW SURVEY] Leading from the Front in Challenging Times

Whatever label we choose to hang on our new preferred style of selling, there will be considerable implications for sales management. It is our view that for companies to remain competitive now, their sales organization must be able to respond rapidly and positively to the numerous changing tides we are currently experiencing and indeed, expect to face in the months ahead.

The sales manager’s role has never been more critical, which is why we have chosen to focus our attention here for our latest research