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Sales Tips & Insights

Sandler sales tips and insights

Five Things Salespeople Must Have

While there are several factors that contribute to success in the sales arena, there are five things you must have in order to maximize your potential and the results you achieve.


Coaching; identifying & overcoming obstacles

As a leader, focus on the highest impact role of your job; coaching.

Susan Sykes discussions why an effective leader must determine the personal performance code of each of their team members. Coaching is about identifying self-limiting beliefs, building trust, and creating lasting behavioral change. It creates wisdom and self-sufficiency.


Why Millennials Will Help Your Workforce Succeed

As a leader, it’s up to you to understand the benefits that millennials offer and how to lead them.

Listen as Susan Sykes reviews four valuable assets that you can find in the right millennial team member.


Hiring Great Salespeople

How do you identify top performers from the mediocre middle?

Success sales people do have something in common. Susan Sykes reveals clues that you can look for in your next hire. Realize that there’s a huge difference between those that CAN do and those that WILL do.


Sandler Rule #37 – All Prospects Lie All the Time

Saying that prospects lie all the time sounds harsh, doesn’t it?

Have you ever heard, “Great presentation, but I want to think it over?” or “I need to check with my boss?” How do you overcome these stalls? Listen as Joe Stiles explains that the problem isn’t with the prospect, it’s with the salesperson.


Why Sales Training Doesn’t Work

Sometimes people say sales training does not work, and they are right!

Susan Sykes explains that effective sales training is a skill that requires development. Behavior change occurs through on-going reinforcement. Successful salespeople are willing to challenge their comfort zones, learn new skills, and take action to apply those skills.