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Business Development for Professional Services

Architects, attorneys, engineers, financial advisors & professionals - build your client base.

You need training designed specifically for professional service providers.

Your business operations probably revolve around systems, processes, and principles—but do you use any of these elements for new business development? Chances are, you may not be as comfortable, competent, or consistent "selling" your services as you are delivering them.

You can integrate the same creative, organizational, analytical, and communication skills required by your profession into effective processes and systems to identify, qualify, and develop new business opportunities.

"Selling" can become a respectable and profitable part of your professional practice, without you or your colleagues sounding like "stereotypical salespeople." You don't need to resort to high-pressure, cost-justified, feature/benefit laden presentations, or dance around prospective clients' stalls and objections, or trying to "close the deal."

Johnathan Pulleyn

Sandler Training for Financial Planners

Johnathan Pulleyn, Financial Advisor with Freedom Wealth Management, realized he needed a business coach to help him grow his business. He discovered Sandler training by Sales Matters provided the training, coaching, and sales processes he needed to have the best year ever.

Freedom Wealth Management, 919-782-0287,

A sales book especially for professional service providers

Authors and Sandler trainers Chuck and Evan Polin discuss their latest book, Selling Professional Services The Sandler Way, and how Sandler's principles can have a major impact on practice development.

A "must read" for professional service providers.